All levels of guitar players are welcome. Read below for more the details.

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What we are attempting:

From Friday July 27th at approximately 8pm to Saturday July 28th approximately 9pm we will be attempting to break a Guinness Book World Record in the category: “Longest Guitar playing by a Team”. Since this is a Guitar Festival we decided how better to break it than by doing a non-stop 25 hour straight Guitar Solo utilizing  Guitarists from the Pacific NW and Beyond!

Lita Ford & Gary Hoey at GUTS 2014!Here’s how it works:

  • We will be doing 5 min spots for each participant. More than one spot per participant may be available depending on the number of submissions we get.
  • Each Player begins playing while the previous player is still going but finishing up.
    (There can be no breaks or we lose the record)
  • It is preferred that you bring your own guitar but we will have a loaner or two on hand. If you bring your own it must be an electric guitar, we will not be using any acoustic guitars in this attempt.
  • You must sign up in advance. Spots may go quickly.
  • DONT STOP PLAYING NO MATTER WHAT!!! Miss a note….KEEP GOING! See your girlfriend kiss another guy and walk off with him……KEEP GOING! Earthquake……..KEEP GOING! We need this to be continuous. It is the Record for the “LONGEST” so we need to beat the 24 hours, it is not a Record for the “BEST” so novice players are welcome and if you make a mistake it is no big deal we are doing this to have fun.
  • You must have a ticket to the show, participation in this World Record attempt does not get you in for free.
    (Unless you sign up for a 1am-8am time slot.)
  • Players who sign up for a 1am-8am time slot GET IN FREE ALL WEEKEND!!!
    Your time slot will be assigned.
  • Nili Brosh & Tony MacAlpine at GUTS 2014!After you sign up a single time slot will be assigned to you. Show up early for your slot!
    (In the event we do not fill all the time slots we will allow players to take additional time slots.)
  • Players will need to sign in before they go onstage so we can accurately put names to the players in the video and in the documentation for the Guinness Book of Records.
  • “Do I have to be a great guitar player to enter?” NO!!! You don’t have to be a great player! Players of all levels are encouraged to sign up! HOWEVER… the golden rule here is that you can never stop playing while it is your turn! So, practice at home and make sure you can go for, at minimum, 5 minutes.
  • You will be assigned a time slot after you sign up. Because of unforeseen circumstances, your time may shift by up to 10 – 15 minutes. So, show up early.

Sign Up Below!

We will contact you within the next week or so. All will be accepted up to the max number(alot of people). You don’t have to be a super shredder…. should don’t even have to be particularly good. BUT… you have to be able to make noise for your entire turn until the next person takes over. So, start practicing now. It doesn’t have to sound good! But, you have to keep going till the next guy/gal takes over!

    Folks that sign up for the 1am to 8am slots will get a free weekend pass for the show. All others will have to pay admission to participate. You won't get to choose what time you play, you will be assigned a time(s).

    Robert Cray at GUTS 2015!
    Rudy Sarzo & Tracii Guns & GUTS 2015!
    Ed To Shred & Bruce Bouillet at GUTS 2014!