Volunteer & Join Our Team

In order to become a Guitars Under The Stars volunteer, you must email us and attend a volunteer meeting. Meeting times will be emailed to you. Please read below then visit the Facebook group.

Volunteer Team schedules depend on their duties and responsibilities and can vary. Some teams begin a week before the event, but most shifts will fall during the actual event. Your team supervisor will provide you with your work dates and schedule. There is a variance in hours worked by festival volunteers, so volunteers are required to work a minimum of three, six-hour shifts to receive volunteer benefits.

If you are accepted as a volunteer you will receive a full weekend pass to get in and out of the festival. Volunteers will be offered additional three-day tickets at a discounted price and one free volunteer t-shirt (to be used as a uniform during the event) Extra shirts are available for purchase at our cost. We provide meals and refreshments during your shift at the event.

Go to our Facebook for GUTS Volunteers for more information: