Seeking Volunteer Rock Journalist

Guitars Under The Stars is seeking a volunteer rock journalist. Duties include: writing articles on the artists we have coming to the show, writing articles that educate our audience about the festival and what we have to offer, articles about our sponsors… etc. We will need 4 to 8 articles written over the next 3 weeks.

You will get published on a high traffic website that is reaching 120,000 people a week. This is not a paid position. This opportunity would be a great resume builder. You will get a pair of VIP passes to the festival. You will get full credit as the author of the articles on the website. You will be able to use these as reference for your future endeavors as a rock journalist.

To submit, we will need an article written by you covering one of the topics below. The successful volunteer will write a compelling article that includes background, current status of the topic and ties it into a compelling, but subtle, call to action for the reader to attend the show.

Write an article on one of our headliners.
Light The Torch or Unleash the Archers.
(Points of interest on Light the Torch would be Howard Jones and his history with Killswitch Engage, how are things looking for the new band Light The Torch and anything of interest.)
(Unleash the Archers – Do some background. This band has been around for a while. Finish with something that get’s the reader excited to see them live at GUTS!)

These articles don’t have to be extremely long. Just long enough to be compelling, informational and get the reader engaged.

How To Submit

Send your article to: with the subject line, “Rock Journalist“. Start with a brief introduction on yourself and then the article. The deadline for submission is: July 6th 2018.

We may take on more than one volunteer journalist depending on the quality of the submissions. Looking forward to your submissions!