Guitars Under The Stars is proud to announce the addition of the young band, “Liliac”, to the GUTS 2019 lineup! You may have seen them on CBS TV show ‘The World’s Best’. You can catch them at GUTS Friday July 26th! Don’t miss it!

About the band:

The A-student siblings from Downey in Liliac – all under the age of 19 — were discovered on the Santa Monica Pier, where they’ve performed together every weekend for three years:

Lead vocals and bass, Melody, 17; lead guitar Samuel, 19; Abigail on drums, 18; rhythm guitar, Ethan, 12; and Justin, 11, on keyboards.

The Cristea kids’ named their band Liliac — “vampire bat” in Romanian – combining their family love of American rock ‘n’ roll and their parents’ Transylvania heritage.

Liliac’s Santa Monica Pier performances have also attracted fans from around the world: their videos have gone viral on YouTube with over 8 million views.

Stewart Copeland, of The Police, also discovered Liliac on the Pier, and filmed the kids there for his January BBC special On Drums.