Artist Spotlight – Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young has performed on seven studio albums and two full length performance DVD’s with the Travis Larson Band. The latest album, Anicca, has earned accolades from critics and fans alike. Young has been featured on the cover of Bass Musician magazine and Bass Player magazine has said she, “handles the tricky unison runs, chordal tapping, and kinetic form changes with unapologetic heat and light.”

While Jennifer is absolutely astounding on bass, she has her equals in Travis Larson on guitar and Dale Moon on drums in the Travis Larson Band. As a trio they create lush sonic soundscapes that cover ground from moody to downright rockin’!

July 1, 2022: NOTE: While this article is from 2017. It still stands! Jennifer is an outstanding bass player. And she is part of our 2022 lineup!

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