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I keep seeing “GUTS” all over the site. What does that mean?2018-03-15T23:25:09-07:00

GUTS is an acronym for Guitars Under The Stars.

2023 FESTIVAL CAMPING2023-07-23T00:11:26-07:00

Camping spots will be assigned on a first come first served basis with the best spots being assigned first.

You can check in Thursday July 27th at noon and must check out by Sunday July 30th by 1pm.

Reminder, NO OUTSIDE alcohol allowed in the venue or camping areas.

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT2023-07-23T00:09:12-07:00

RV and tent campers may arrive as early as noon on Thursday, July 27th to check-in, and stay as late as noon Sunday July 30th to check-out.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES2017-04-26T02:07:07-07:00

Motorized vehicles of any kind have no place on the Festival grounds or in the campgrounds and are thus not allowed, unless operated by festival staff, law enforcement or fire/paramedic’s. This policy is strictly enforced.

TRASH PICKUP2017-04-26T02:06:34-07:00

Complimentary trash pickup is available Friday through Sunday, between 10AM and 5PM. Simply place your bagged trash at the corner of your campsite and it will be picked up by one of our volunteer staff. If you are leaving the grounds after 5PM on Sunday, take it with you; do not leave it on site.

RV CAMP SPACES2018-03-16T22:14:02-07:00

RV camp spaces are designed to accommodate six adults. One RV, and, if you like, one small tent are permitted on your RV site. There are no hookups for RV camping. Due to safety concerns RV’s must remain parked in the designated spot for the duration of the show. If you need to leave or move your RV contact festival staff prior to moving the vehicle..

TENT CAMP SPACES2017-04-26T02:05:43-07:00

Tent camp spaces are designed to accommodate six adults, no more than 2 tents are allowed per site.

CAMPS HOSTS2017-04-26T02:05:23-07:00

Each camping area will have a camp host available to answer questions and help make your experience pleasant and memorable.

CAMPFIRES AND COOKING2017-04-26T02:04:54-07:00

Campfires and charcoal grills are not allowed…….PROPANE ONLY!, this is strictly enforced. If it makes a spark, the answer is NO. You may use PROPANE grills and above ground PROPANE firepits to prepare food in your campground.


Animals other than service animals are absolutely, under no circumstances allowed. Animal lovers can thank irresponsible pet owners who could not control their animals at past events. This rule will be strictly enforced. DO NOT leave your animal in your RV or vehicle. It will be July and most likely hot. Make accommodations for your animals to stay with friends & family.

WHEN IS QUIET TIME IN THE CAMPING AREA?2023-07-23T00:14:51-07:00

Linn County, where the Festival is located, has an ordinance that must be observed by all campers. This means voices must be quiet by 11pm, generators shut off, singalong volumes reduced and all yelling, whooping or hollering stopped. This code is strictly enforced by both on-site security as well as Linn County Deputies. At 9am it’s on again!!! But until then please respect those camping next to you that are trying to rest up for the next days festivities.

WILL BATHROOMS BE PROVIDED?2017-04-26T02:03:16-07:00

All camping areas include portable toilet facilities and hand washing units.

RV PUMPING2023-07-23T00:13:00-07:00

There will be no RV Pumping services available on site. Plan accordingly.


The park as several potable water stations. There will also be bottled water available for purchase.

RVs should fill their tank prior to entering the Festival grounds. There is no water service for RV’s.


Chairs are not provided. Fans must bring their own chair; carrying it in and out of the Festival grounds each night. Bring your standard height (no taller than 40 inches) foldable camp chair or small lawn chair. High-back, sand or beanbag, or reclining chairs are not allowed. No blanket seating within 75 yards of front of stage – this may change depending on crowd size.


Shower facilities are not available at this venue, prepare accordingly.

PERSONAL STORAGE2017-04-26T02:00:38-07:00

Medium size backpacks, fanny packs. (SUBJECT TO INSPECTION UPON ENTERING VENUE)

NO WEAPONS2018-03-16T22:33:49-07:00

No knives, guns, swords, explosives, or other weapons of any kind. No chains or chain wallets.

Lebanon Police will be on site.


With the exception of factory sealed water bottles (limit two 20 ounce bottles per patron), no personal food or beverages are permitted inside the music venue. This includes Camelbacks and bota bags.


NO COOLERS2017-04-26T01:59:28-07:00

Coolers are not permitted in the music venue.

NO PETS2018-03-16T22:37:07-07:00

Pets are not allowed at the Festival. Pets are not allowed in your car or RV on the festival grounds. Animals are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be left inside vehicles either; this applies to both the camping area and the parking lot. It is far too hot. If you brought your animal, you will have to leave and come back later without them….please make arrangements for your animals to be taken care of that weekend. The only exception to this rule will be service animals.

NO DRUGS2017-04-26T01:58:50-07:00

No drugs or drug paraphernalia, if you bring them onto the property,your weekend with us is over. You will be ejected from the Festival.

NO CAMPFIRES2018-05-03T14:43:16-07:00

Campfires are not allowed in the camping area’s period, it is July and you will not be cold. Cooking with Propane camp stoves and above ground Propane fire pits is permitted. Cooking with charcoal briquette camp stoves is not allowed.

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION2017-04-26T01:58:01-07:00

This is a family Festival. For the safety and enjoyment of others, Festival attendees may not over consume alcohol or bring outside alcohol into the music venue, if you do so, your weekend with us is over and you will be ejected from the Festival. You must be of legal drinking age to consume alcohol on the Festival grounds.

ARE THERE SHADE TENTS?2017-04-26T01:21:10-07:00

Shaded areas and misting stations are available for you to relax in at the Festival. But there are no shade tents.


It is a good idea to bring sunblock for yourself and your loved ones. This event is in July and it will be hot. You may bring in your own bottled water (limit two 20 ounce bottles per patron) as long as the packaging is still factory sealed. Bottled water is available for purchase at the Festival for $1 per bottle. Shaded areas and misting tents are available for you to relax in at the Festival.

WHAT IF MY CHILD IS LOST AT THE VENUE?2018-03-16T22:23:55-07:00

If you are bringing small children, please check in at the Merchandise Booth. They will provide a wristband for your child where you can write your contact information. A corresponding identification card will be held at the tent. In the event a child gets lost on the grounds, it is helpful for security to have this description on hand.


All ages are welcome! Children age 12 and under are allowed free. Children ages 13and over must have a ticket. Children under 18 must have an adult or parent with them who is legally responsible for that child.


Even though Recreational Marijuana is now legal in Oregon it is only legal IN YOUR OWN HOME….. NOT in a public setting like our festival. Marijuana will not be allowed at our festival.


You may bring your cigarettes and lighters with you. There are smoking areas located inside the venue area itself, as well as other designated areas on the property. Smoking is permitted in designated areas ONLY. See the MAP when you arrive on Festival grounds for details.

CAN I MEET AN ARTIST?2017-04-26T01:17:45-07:00

In the past many artists who have played the festival have enjoyed interacting with fans and in fact are fans themselves. It is a common occurrence to see our artists out in the crowd. Also many of our artists have been known to hang out in the Merchandise booth to meet fans either before or after they perform. With that said we cannot guarantee you will be able to meet the artist of your choice. VIP ticket holders may be granted access to certain artists, see ticket page for details.

VEHICLES AND PARKING2017-04-26T01:17:15-07:00

No vehicles allowed in the camping areas. Vehicles must be parked in the parking area only. Every vehicle parked at the Festival parking area must have a vehicle pass, there are no exceptions to this rule. Two motorcycles may park in one car space. If you did not purchase your parking passes in advance, one can be purchased upon arrival. Parking passes will be good for the duration of the event. The attendant and people behind you in line will be most appreciative if you have exact change ready if you need to purchase a parking pass.

SHUTTLE SERVICE2018-03-16T22:25:56-07:00

There will be no shuttle service at this year’s show.

VEHICLE SAFETY2017-04-26T01:16:18-07:00

No motorized vehicles are allowed in the venue area or campground areas…this mean’s no ATVs, Golf Carts, or OHVs
are permitted on Festival grounds.

TICKETS & WRISTBANDS2018-03-16T22:28:15-07:00

Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Your wristband will be provided when you arrive.

GENERAL CONDUCT2018-03-16T22:29:55-07:00

For four days in July, we are guests in the very welcoming community of Lebanon Oregon. Festival rules provide guidelines to make the weekend safe and enjoyable for everyone. Attendees are held to these rules for the overall good of the group.  This is a family friendly atmosphere, and people’s right to a pleasant experience should be respected.
With that said…… Use safe and considerate behavior wherever possible.  Everyone is here to have fun! You don’t have to be on your best church behavior, however
FIGHTING, HARASSMENT, and DRUNKEN ROWDY BEHAVIOR won’t be tolerated. The Lebanon Police Dept. will be on hand to assist festival staff if needed.

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