Born and raised Boyds, Md near Washington D.C.
Started music at 8 on bass guitar.
Moved to Fairfield, CA near San Francisco.

Picked up guitar when I saw Dave Mustaine and Chris Poland in Wake up Dead video. I was 13 and I was petrified.

Began studying guitar but my teachers were kind of weak and learned more from playing with friends. Started studying with Matthew Grasso at 15. He kicked my ass and got me going in the direction I wanted: shredding.

After high school, I began studying jazz. And along the way some Classic Rock got thrown in. Jerry Hahn(guitar) and Darrell Grant (Jazz improv) drastically changed the way I looked at music. I graduated from Portland State University with two undergraduate music degrees.

After and during college, I played in bands of every genre that would take me and taught music lessons. Then, I met Steve Koelling from Esucarys. He introduced me to Paul Lamb, and we decided to make a record together. So I called my high school buddy, Dustin Murray, to play drums and here we are.