Artist Spotlight – Andy James

Over here at Guitars Under The Stars, we’ve been fans of Andy James for quite some time. Andy is an unbelievable talent that is in a class all by himself. Andy’s speed and intricately precise chops give him a lot of room to breath in the space he’s created for himself. Maybe you’re one of those people that thinks fast guitar players have no feeling… you’d be wrong. Andy James is 10’s across the board. He’s insanely fast! His lines are intricate. And most of all, he writes great music!

In a blog post from Andy’s website he talks about beginning his guitar playing journey. He cites Guns N’ Roses as an early influence. He used to hide out in practice rooms at his school and figure out songs by ear. Obviously, he branched out quite a bit since the days of learning Slash’s guitar parts.

Andy went on to become a prolific teacher. Since his early days, he’s put out about 12 metric tons of guitar training material. Along with his excellent training videos he has also released several solo albums. According to Widipedia, those releases include “In the wake of Chaos” (2007), “Machine” (2009), “Andy James 2011” and “Exodus” (2017).

Check this video Andy released recently to his Facebook page. You will see and hear why we love this guys playing! After you listen drop us a comment below. Do you want to see Andy on the lineup for Guitars Under The Stars 2018? Let us know!

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